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Crash Pad  Applications
The Crash Pad is designed to Reduce the Risk of Spinal Compression Injuries and can be used in any form of racing.

The problem has been most common in Short Track Open Wheel Racing but happens any time a car gets airborne and crashes hard on the frame bottom.
Typically fits the upright style seats found in short track race cars.
The current Crash Pad Version is sized for Upright Seats typically found in sprints, midgets and similar open wheel cars where seat bottom pans range from 14" to 16" from the vertical back to the front edge (straight line measurement).  
The Crash Pad can also be used in longer seat bottoms but will not cover the bottom all the way to the front edge.   It does not reduce it's effectiveness and in most cases this will still provide driver comfort and seat feel.
Anytime you change seating, it will feel different.   Some like the feel right away, others adapt with a few minutes in the seat and a few uses.   
  • Silver Crown Cars
  • Sprint Cars
  • Midgets
  • Mini Sprints
  • Micro Sprints
  • Speedstrs
  • Modifieds
  • Mini Modifieds
  • Legend Cars
  • IMCA Cars
  • Late Models
  • Pro Stocks
  • Street Stocks